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The pandemic that hit this country in early 2020 has created various limitations in society. One of them is social restrictions that require us to keep our distance and interaction with each other. This applies to all public facilities as well as to make us aware of the importance of self-service in the health care sector.

As market awareness increases, healthcare technology service providers are increasingly focusing on product innovation. The healthtech sector helps address challenges in Indonesia’s healthcare system. So, on March 31, 2021 Digital Hospital, an integrated digital health service platform that connects the public with safe and quality health products and services with a hospitality approach in it.

Supported by innovation and technology capabilities, Digital Hospital also answers the challenges of health access gaps in Indonesia by providing digital health solutions, such as telemedicine, e-pharmacy, international vaccinations and medical check-ups.

Digital Hospital is owned and operated by PT. Gaido Digital Medika, which is a business unit of the Gaido Group “Integrated Sharia Business Corporate”. A business entity that is a pioneer in driving the Islamic economic and financial ecosystem in Indonesia. Through the vision of 2045 and in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, Gaido Group is determined to realize “Indonesian Central Sharia Economy of the World 2045”.

In the next few years, supported by national and international health networks and the support of the Gaido Group sharia economic ecosystem, Digital Hospital is determined to expand its network to all stakeholders, including doctors, users, clinic partners, hospital partners, insurance partners, and pharmacy partners, and reap the benefits. benefit from this economy of scale by opening up services to 120 cities in Indonesia.