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Andy Chairil Kamili

Chief Executive Officer, Digital Hospital


Assalammualaikum wr wb.

The world has led us both as individuals and as part of a business entity towards the role of digitization and digital transformation.

Digital transformation has penetrated almost all business units, both small and medium, especially for large corporations, to be able to remain competitive and seize the customer market which always does not change much in size from time to time. However, customers are increasingly pampered with digital services so that they can carry out all economic activities independently. With this condition, customers have their own choice regarding the services needed and which platform they will use.

Digital transformation has also penetrated the Health business world, where customers also have the choice of whether or not to attend clinics, hospitals, health centers, laboratories, and pharmacies to conduct health consultations, checks, or purchase medicines. Because all these services are now available for Healthcare users to use independently.

For this condition, Digital Hospital is here to bridge the interaction between patients and hospitals/ clinics, so that they can still be established, and patient health remains the main goal of hospital services. Digital Hospital provides digital device solutions to hospitals so that business processes can provide services to patients quickly and precisely because the information is obtained in seconds, so that the medical team can take quick and careful actions. This digital-based service will make patient visits feel comfortable, calm and provide the best treatment experience.

The development of the world of Health through digital transformation is expected to become one of the primaries of attractive businesses in the future and Digital Hospital will not waste this opportunity by being closer to the community and the health industry players, as well as other industries that support the ecosystem. Competition among the business players of the world today will not be the same as competition in the future. Thus, Digital Hospital will always be ready to collaborate with various types of industry platforms to improve health services.

Digital Hospital will actively participate in the 2022 G-20 activities in Bali, by presenting a series of Health Tourism services as part of foreign tourist destinations to Bali and other areas in Indonesia.