Aquatic fitness is a fun and effective way to build cardiovascular endurance, strength, and improve joint range of motion. Water provides resistance in a way that challenges you, but also places less stress on your muscles and joints. Our classes feature qualified fitness instructors with certifications in aquatic specific programming and instruction.

Diverse group of adults in water aerobics class.

What is Aquatic Fitness?

Aquatic Fitness is defined as activities performed in the water that promote and enhance physical and mental fitness. Aquatic Fitness is typically performed in a vertical position in shallow and/or deep water. There are numerous applications to appeal to a wide variety of participants.

It gives you a good cardiovascular workout, gently increasing your pulse and breathing rate, so it’s great for helping to improve your heart health. It strengthens and tones muscles – the resistance of the water means that opposing muscle groups are worked in each movement as you push and pull against it.

Advantages of Aquatic Fitness

One benefit is that Aquatic fitness allows a person to exercise every muscle and every joint in the body all at the same time. Another benefit is that water aerobics are cooler as the water cools off your body the entire time you are performing your routine.

The last and probably most important benefit of aquatic fitness is that almost anyone, no matter their age, can perform water aerobics. The reason for this is because the water causes your body to be buoyant, thus causing less strain and stress on your joints and muscles. Don’t worry, though, you still get the maximum work out when you perform aqua fitness.

Special Program

Take the plunge and try this low-impact workout that builds muscle strength and boosts your endurance. It's fun, and it can be as challenging as you like. A water aerobics class typically lasts a 45-minutes per session. An instructor will lead you through a series of moves, often set to music to keep you motivated.
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